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Packaging Protective Inserts for More Protection

custom protective inserts

When a corrugated box is just not enough, let KT Packaging's skilled CAD artists design and manufacture your product's protective inserts.

Liners, tubes, pads, buildups, dividers, partitions and other internal protective inserts can be designed in an infinite number of ways to separate or cushion products, strengthen the box or prevent product movement. 

They may be simple rectangles or scored, slotted, scored and slotted, or special die-cut shapes.

Platform Inserts - Printed Board - Thermoformed Trays - Textile wrapped

Platform inserts elevate your product, store product instructions and complimentary items out of site of the main product display.

Stand-Off Trap Inserts - Printed Die Cut Board - Thermoformed Trays

Form around your product for appealing display and protection.

Partitions - Divide & provide stacking support

Glued partitions or add them during the production process

MOLDED PULP - Utilize the egg crate technology to sustainably internally protect product. Molds from China make this form of internal protection affordable. 
Foam Insert – Glued or fabricated inserts can be assembled and glued to the carton in our manufacturing process.

TUBES - Scored sheets are folded to form rectangles and sometimes glued or joined with tape to form a structure that is open at both ends. When used as sleeves for individual items such as glassware, adjacent packaging provides extra protection.

PADS - Pads are used to fill the space between the inner flaps of a regular slotted container, to completely cover the bottom or top of a box or to separate layers of product. Pads can also be used vertically to separate products and provide greater stacking strength. DIE-CUT SUPPORT PADS - Scored and folded inner packing pieces come in many shapes. Included in this group are buildup pads consisting of multiple pieces glued together.

Inner packing pieces are frequently used for cushioning. The suspension function holds the product away from the walls of the box to lessen the impact of drops or bumps. Completely filling the voids created by irregularly shaped products prevents product movement and damage, and in some cases can add stacking strength to the box.

Inner packing forms are usually die-cut to position and support irregular products from below or lock them into position from above. Alternatively, forms can be placed on two sides or at the ends of a product. Some inner packing forms are extensions of the box flaps.

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